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What is Music?

It is a discipline that deals with the performance, creation, significance, and definition of music.

Employment Opportunities in:

Available Majors

  • Accompanying
  • Chamber Music
  • Composition
  • Computer Music
  • Conducting & Ensembles
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Jazz Studies
  • Music & Computer Science
  • Music Education
  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Performance
  • Voice and Opera
  • Winds, Brass & Percussion
  • Acting
  • Ballet

  • Choreography
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Costume Technology
  • Dance
  • Dance Education
  • Directing, Playwriting and Production
  • Drama
  • Jazz Dance
  • Jazz Studies
  • Musical Theater
  • Prop Making
  • Scenic Art
  • Set and Costume Desgin
  • Sound Design and Music Recording
  • Stage Management
  • Technical Direction
  • Theater
  • Theater Lighting Design and Technology

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