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What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process that gives a certain school or university the highest standard as an academic institution.  When you purchase a degree online, it is affirmed by an accrediting agency or the third party that formally accredit the school and its degrees.  The accreditation process is an assurance that an institution practices acceptable and competent methods of teaching, performs high standard of education, and delivers recognized degrees.


We have had over 20 years of experience providing degrees. We have just updated our presence

from being a brick and mortar company to having an online presence. All of our staff are

professionally trained and they have been working as university administrators and legal advisors

and within teaching faculties in universities. We are second to none within the industry.

A degree is necessary due to employment competition: if you are applying to work for a new

company or to be promoted. In addition, you might need to mentor others and network for

business opportunities. Instead of spending a couple of years attending classes and hundreds of

thousands of dollars in tuition, you need to get a university degree to upgrade yourself in the

competitive job market.

You will be at risk of losing your job or going to jail. No one will recognize a so-called life

experience degree, a diploma mill or a fake degree, as they are already blacklisted in wikis or other

online forums.

We provide “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed” for all of our services. This means that we stand

behind all our services because we have highly trained staff who are dedicated to providing good

outcomes for our clients.

We have offices located in New York, London, Tokyo and Berlin.
Because we are not providing fake degrees or replica degrees and we are not a diploma mill. Our

degrees are not simply pieces of paper that emerge from a printer. On the contrary, we undertake

very extensive work to make your university degree happen. All of our degrees are of exceptional

quality with very high security features. Don’t forget that they are verifiable, accredited, legal


Our customer service is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most enquiries will be answered

within 6-12 hours.

Are you affiliated with other websites?

We are not affiliated with other websites or with any diploma mills or fake degree websites.



We offer legal, accredited and verifiable degrees.
We have over 500 different majors from Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. Please see our

majors list.

Yes, you can indicate your graduation year and we can backdate your degree. However, we

cannot future date your degree.

We guarantee that we never offer fake degrees, replica degrees or diploma mill degrees. Our

universities have not been blacklisted by wikis and have had no negative reports online.

We offer “Satisfaction Guaranteed” otherwise your money back.
There are certain security features in our university degrees that will include but are not limited to

holograms, embossing, watermarks and some other passport-like printing and security features.

(We are not able to mention them all here.)

Yes, all of our degrees are completely legal, verifiable and accredited.
Yes, you can order other items later but there will be an extra charge. This is because we need to

search your records again and recreate some files. That will cost extra time and effort. Therefore,

it will cost somewhat more than if you order them together.

Our company provides the following:

A comprehensive university brochure

Accredited, verifiable and legal degrees with an official website

A “Satisfaction Guaranteed” policy

Verification directly from the university

Lawyer, government and embassy legalization

A thesis / dissertation service

Graduation gown, cap and hood

A lifetime customer support service

Furthermore, neither our website nor the university has negative reports online or offline, and the

university has not been blacklisted as a diploma mill. We do not have fake, life experience, or

replica degrees.

Bachelor’s degree: 3 years for a UK university, 4 years for a US university

Master’s degree: 1-2 years for a UK university, 2 years for a US university

PhD degree: 3 years for a UK university, 4 years for US university

Please indicate your graduation year and we will match the exact graduation date with your major

and your university.

We believe we are the only provider that can provide you with a complete legal, accredited and

verifiable university degree. Please check if any other providers can offer you all documents,

verification and legalization by a lawyer, government or embassy, or thesis services.

Others may be providing fake degrees or replica degrees. Most of our consultants are working as

administrators or teaching staff within the university. We know all the systems well, compared to


We provide a “lifetime support service”. Whenever you have any questions or problems, we are

there to help you.

All of our degrees are able to be verified and certified by a lawyer / notary public, government and


Yes, we certainly do. All of our universities have comprehensive websites. All of them are official

university websites.

Scammers online tend to use only Gmail and hotmail as their customer service email. If they are

operating a genuine business, they should not be afraid of showing their email address instead of

using Gmail or hotmail.

We have never been blacklisted by Wikipedia as a diploma mill or fake degree provider. We

guarantee that neither our website nor our universities have ever had negative reports online or


We limit the number of degrees and majors available in the market. We want to protect our

business and our customers because we don’t want too many degrees or too many majors from a

single university or multiple universities flooding into the market in a single country. Therefore, we

strictly control the number of particular majors from a particular university to a reasonable amount.

We provide university degrees and related services only. We don’t provide any exam qualifications

like TOEFL, IELTS or other professional qualifications.

Yes, you can order your transcripts either directly from the university or from us.
No, they will not be mentioned in either the degree or transcripts.



All of our universities are accredited, established universities.
All of our universities are located in English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom, the

United States, and Australia.

Yes, we guarantee that all our universities have physical campuses.
These universities have very good reputations and you can research them via their detailed


We guarantee that these universities are well established, with over a hundred years of history.
Yes, all these universities have a very comprehensive website where you can find out all the

course details and other relevant information.



We will provide detailed verification instructions to you in your package. All verification will be done

directly from the university, not via us.

All degree orders will come with an original university brochure with details about the university

itself, the campus, the location, and further information. In addition, it will list different programs

and their curriculum structure.

You can order transcripts, student records, an acceptance letter, a graduation letter, a reference

letter from more than one professor, an appreciation letter, an internship letter, a university degree

leather folder, a dissertation, degree legalization by a lawyer, government or an embassy, and a

graduation cap, gown and hood.

Verification can be done by email, fax, or post.



Yes, all of our universities are nationally accredited.
Yes, all of our universities are internationally accredited.
Yes, all of our universities are accredited by the respective professional organizations in your

chosen major.

All of our universities are accredited, and if it were to happen that our accreditation is not accepted,

we have a money back policy.2



Legalization is the authentication process whereby civil and judicial officials reliably verify the

authenticity of documents that have been issued abroad. Legalization is proof created by a chain

of authentications, each by a progressively higher government authority, to ultimately narrow the

point of contact between countries to a single designated official. Degree legalization can also

serve as an extra authentic layer for creditability.

If you are not located in an English-speaking country or you want to use your degree in non-

English speaking countries, you might consider having your degree legalized by the government.

In addition, if you want to use your degree in one of the non-apostille countries, you should have

your degree legalized. Please see:

Yes, we have lawyers located in different countries to legalize your degree. Every lawyer will look

at your government ID and credentials, and verify with the university in order to legalize your


Yes, we have notaries public located in different countries to legalize your degree. Every notary

public will look at your government ID and credentials, and verify with the university in order to

legalize your documents.

No lawyer or notary public will risk their professional license to verify an unaccredited degree, fake

degree or a degree from a diploma mill. This would cause them to be removed from the

professional organization and waste their many years of practice and study.

If your degree is from the United Kingdom, you should get your degree legalized in the United

Kingdom; if your degree is from the United States, you should get your degree legalized in the

United States, and so on.

Yes, we can provide government legalization. This is called “Apostille”. In some countries, such

as the United Kingdom, their apostille process is able to search and verify online from the

government website. The US apostille comes from the Secretary of State in Washington, DC.

Yes, we can provide embassy legalization.
All lawyer / notary public legalizations will be stamped with their license numbers and contact

numbers. You can cross-check with the professional bodies. If your documents are legalized with

the government, some countries will offer online verification from the government website, for

example, the United Kingdom. Embassy legalization will be printed on a highly secure label with a

hologram and a reference number. You can cross-check with the respective embassy about the

information provided.

It usually takes about 3-4 weeks for lawyer’s legalization and government legalization (apostille).

Embassy legalization will take another 3-4 weeks, depending on the country and the location of the


We offer “Legalization Money Back Guaranteed”. All of our degrees are able to be legalized

without any problem, otherwise you would get your money back.

Yes, certainly. To be able to legalize your degree they must be able to verify your degree. Every

government or embassy needs to cross-check your ID and identity and verify your degree in order

to issue legalized documents.



A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree

or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings (Wikipedia definition). A

thesis will be a valuable item to present during an employment interview and will open up topics

and opportunities in your future career. In addition, it will show that you had to put effort into

earning your valuable degree.

A thesis / dissertation is a publication (usually 200 pages for a Bachelor’s degree, 300-400 pages

for a Master’s degree and 500 pages for a PhD degree) that is written by a student and approved

by the university committee. If you have a written thesis, we can bind the thesis for you with an

official university leather cover and gold stamping with your name, year of graduation, your degree

title / major and your thesis title. The content will be signed by two official university professors

and stamped by the university committee. We will produce two copies. One copy will be sent to

you and the second copy will be put in the university library and database.

Yes, we can provide a thesis / dissertation service in two ways:

If you already have a written thesis, we can bind your thesis in an official university leather cover,

gold stamped with your name, degree, major, year of graduation and thesis topic and put it in the

university library for you.

If you do not have a written thesis, we can provide a thesis writing service for you either by PhD

students or by experts / professors in your field.

Yes, we have two categories of thesis writing service:

PhD students thesis writing service. This service will provide you a standard thesis writing service

by PhD students in your field.

Experts / professors thesis writing services. This service will provide you with an exceptional

thesis writing service by experts or professors in your field. Some majors require above average

thesis writing in certain fields, such as engineering, psychology, and computer science.

Yes, your thesis will be put in the university library system and database, and officially recorded in

the university.

All theses will be supervised and screened by university officials. Your thesis will be signed by two

or more university professors / supervisors in your field. (Some universities might request to have

more than two professors / supervisors and for the thesis to be stamped by the university

committee.) Some university libraries are searchable online with your topic.

All theses will take about 40 days for the binding and about 60-90 days for the written work. We

will ship your degree package first and the thesis will follow that.

No, all theses must be ordered with the degree. We provide this service as an add-on courtesy

service to our customers.



We guarantee to destroy all customer information within 7 days of shipping a package. We

promise that we will not keep any customer information even on our computers. These are audited

by a third-party computer security company once every month.

We don’t keep payment information such as credit card numbers, billing addresses or card holder

names. Only your credit card company and your bank keep this information.

We want to make sure you are the one who ordered the degree and we need your ID to confirm

your registration with the university. Your ID information will be destroyed within 7 days.



We accept credit card payment by Visa or MasterCard. We also accept payment by Western

Union or wire transfer.

We can accept any debit card with either a Visa or MasterCard logo and if your bank allows online

purchases through international transactions in US dollars.

You can either pay by Western Union or wire transfer, and we can now accept bitcoin. Please

email us for further information.

Sorry, we don’t accept payment by PayPal at the moment.



We usually ship orders within 3-4 business days; however, some majors will take more time.
Although we will try our best to accommodate your request, it is unlikely that it will be possible.

(Since we are not providing fake degrees or diploma mill degrees, you can imagine that it would be

impossible to ship your degree within 24 hours.)

We will ship most of our packages by FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT or other courier services. We don’t

have a shipping service by snail mail and we only use the best and fastest courier service to your


We can only ship your package to your verifiable billing address from your credit card. If you want

your package to be shipped to an address other than your billing address, we need further

verification of your shipping address. Please email us about this.

Why is accreditation important when you purchase a degree online?

Accreditation is very important because this guarantees that a degree is valid, recognized, and genuine.

Who does the accreditation?

Usually, educational accreditation is done by a government organization.  However, if you purchase a degree online, there are independent bodies that do the task of accreditation process

 If I purchase a degree online, am I assured that it is accredited?

Yes, 100%accredited, verifiable, and reliable!  They are either accredited by regional accredited agencies or international accredited agencies.

What is a degree?

Degree has a lot of meaning but in terms of education, it is an academic title bestowed to a student who has completed academic requirements from a university or college.

Our Clients

We sell various degrees to our clients who are in need of job promotion, career change, employment, resume upgrade, and social network.

 If I purchase a degree online, how can I verify it?

Verification method is done through writing, not email or phone only. Universities need written verification method through fax and postal mail. Your employers can also verify your degree. However, they need to have your consent. When you purchase a degree online, you should provide your date of birth, full name in the diploma, graduation date, mailing address, degree title and major, and your signature in order to process. We follow the universals verification policy which, based on the security reason, must not process anything without one of the above credentials.


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Purchase a Degree Online: How to Protect Yourself from Fake Diploma

Have you ever been victimized by scams in the Internet?  We often hear people complaining about different frauds online.  It seems that the Internet has brought numerous benefits but also gives chances for people to take advantage of this technology in a wrong way.  Just like in the situation of somebody who wants to purchase a degree online.

Beware because there are online sites that promote fake degrees.  In fairness to other reliable websites, there are those that are put up for money-making.  This is a sad story for those who want to purchase a degree online because most of the victims came from clients who had to purchase a degree online.

But then, you can combat this problem by being vigilant and smarter than your enemies. Protect yourself from the fraud.  How?  Here are the tips:

  1. Google it – If you want to purchase a degree online, use the internet for background check. Search in Google the accredited universities that allow online degrees.  Sometimes, you may get fooled by the semi-legitimate websites.  They would put very persuasive content to lure you to purchase a degree online. In fact, the Google has now listed the diploma mills
  2. Look into the testimonials of the students who are currently in the purchase a degree online industry. You can get their address and contact them personally.  Ask them of their experience regarding the procedure they did to purchase a degree online. It is even better to talk to these students so that you will have an idea what to do and how to get rid of scams.  When interviewing these students, you get accurate information because they are the ones who have experienced the services and they should know how the procedure to purchase a degree online is done.  Clients always speak their mind so if they don’t like the service, they would really tell you honestly.
  3. Check for scams by looking into the details offered by these sites.  If things are not realistic such us to purchase a degree online, better be prepared of the consequences.  How will you know if it is a scam or not? Simple, look into the offers.  If it promises to give you a degree for a day, that is impossible. If you are asked of a minimal fee for a degree which you have no idea, then that is again impossible.  You are not buying clothes here or shopping for shoes.  You need to purchase a degree online so don’t get trapped with websites that are too good to be true.

Those mentioned are tips for you to avoid diploma mills and other fake accrediting bodies in case you want to purchase a degree online. Upon hearing these scams, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop in buying degrees because there are also reliable sites which are accredited and legal.

In case you are victimized by these scams on how to purchase a degree online, immediately contact your nearest education agency to consider the name of that diploma mill in the list.  You need to be careful.  Afterall, the future depends on how registered and legal your degree is. Purchase a degree online only at legitimate sites.