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There is no catch. You can buy a degree from a physical university that is legally registered and shows on your background check.
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“To get a job today, you need to try harder than yesterday, but to get a job tomorrow, you need to work harder today. If you want a good job, you need to have a good skill set or a university degree.”
David Ervin
General Manager

quality over quantity

Why choose us?

We get it. You have a lot of questions. Check our FAQ section for more answers.

Legal & verifiable

The degree will be legally registered, accredited, and visible on a background check.


We won't spam you with emails, store your data, or disclose information about you.

Saves money

On average, a year study costs 20 times more than our most expensive package.

Full of extras

Backdate your degree, order graduation cap with a bunch of supporting documents.

Saves time

Whether you spend 1460 days or 7 days, in the end, you will get the same degree.

Choose major

During the order process, you will be able to choose from more than 500+ majors.

our degrees

You have 2 options

To find more about degree options, check our pricing page.

“The degree will come from a private university. It will be randomly assigned to you from the US, UK, or Australia. Because it is randomly assigned, you don't have the option of choosing which university you will attend.”
Affordable Option 1
Price starts from $390 USD
“You will get your degree from an established, respected, and well-known university. You will be able to choose from many universities in the US, UK, or Australia. This option automatically includes a bunch of extras.“
Premium Option 2
Price starts from $3000 USD

Affordable Option


Premium option​


To find more about degree options, check our pricing page.

For each premium option packet, we include the parchment degree along with the following supporting documents and items. 

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