Online Degrees: Do Fake Transcripts Work?

Do fake transcripts work

The internet has made getting degrees more convenient. Before, people can only get academic recognition by enrolling in universities. However, it is very imminent that not all can reach college education, leaving many people without degrees. Sadly, these academic achievements are important when you want to have a good career. That is why many resort to getting degrees online. Unfortunately, some individuals fall to getting fake documents. Now, the question remains, “Do fake transcripts work?”

What are Transcripts?

As a student, you will be getting a lot of supporting documents when you graduate. Generally, your degree comes with a diploma and transcript. A diploma is the physical certificate proving that you finished studying a degree. Meanwhile, a transcript is a collation of your academic records.

Within your transcripts, you can find your:

  • Credits earned during your program
  • Grade point average or GPA for each subject
  • Attendance record for each subject
  • Disciplinary records, if any
  • Academic awards
  • Test scores

As you can see, transcripts hold all of the things that are essential to your academic experience. Without one, it will be hard for you to prove the credibility and validity of your degree. That is why it is important to avoid fake transcripts.

How Do You Get Fake Transcripts?

How do you get fake transcripts

Because of the high demand for instant degrees, online degree selling became a top market. A lot of people started to engage in this kind of business. However, it was not long before scammers started to poison the industry. They are the ones who began selling fake transcripts. These people knew that for their degree offerings to seem real, it needs to have supporting academic documents. Therefore, aside from phony diplomas, they started to make fake transcripts.

Fraudsters also used fake transcripts generators to make verifiable documents. In this way, their academic documents will be more convincing. Thus, they will have more clients to feed on. You can get a fake official transcript with verification from any fake degree seller. So, you should know how to distinguish real from fake sellers.

How to Spot Fake Sellers

Legit online degree sellers have official university partners. These are accredited academic institutions that have real campuses. You can check your local government’s list of certified universities to know which one is real.

Fake degree sellers do not offer complete supporting academic documents. They do not have access to real schools. Therefore, it is hard for them to get hold of these records. If they provide you with a transcript, it is probably from a fake transcript generator.

Scammers use their products as some kind of veil for their true nature. They will ask you to provide your complete online banking details before you can make your purchase. They will then use it to clear out your bank account. You will never receive any documents at all.

Real online degree sellers have professional websites. Meaning, their content is made by quality workers. On the other hand, fake sellers have incoherent content. Most of the writings have grammar and spelling mistakes.

Lastly, real degree sellers have an extended processing time. Meaning, a scammer will most likely promise you instant documents. Remember that real documents go through legalization and verification processes. Therefore, do not trust a degree provider who claims to give your documents within a few days. The degree you will be getting will be from fake transcript makers.

Do Fake Transcripts Work?

So what happens when you accidentally become a victim of illegitimate degree sellers? Do fake transcripts work? And, can you use them? The answer is a definite no. Unless, of course, your employer does not take their time to verify it.

Do not even risk your career by using a fake document. If you happen to buy one, throw it away. You can still earn the money you spent. But you can end your career if you plan to use a fake transcript.

Aside from ending your career, you can also experience the following consequences:

  • End your academic journey if you are planning to pursue higher education degrees
  • Have less professional credibility
  • Lose the trust of the people around you
  • Be fined or jailed for using a fake document

In that regard, it is better for you to assess your online degree provider carefully. There are many legit websites out there. They can provide you with real degrees that have legal and verifiable supporting academic documents. Buying degrees online should be an aid, not a hindrance in pursuing your career goals.