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In case you wonder… It is legal to sell online degrees as long as they are real, and you can’t get more real degrees than ours.

We understand precisely how it feels to apply for hundreds of jobs only to be rejected – not because you lack the skills.

We started this company to give you a shot at getting better job without the burden of expensive school tuition and time-consuming coursework.

We reach out and urgently help people looking to improve their lives by way of verifiable university degrees

We partner up with colleges and universities all over the world to help you in pursuit of educational excellence.

Ultimately want that average Joe would have the opportunity to get a better job with income than he has now.

We dream that these uncertain times tomorrow would be better than today.


With all the other sites out there, how do you know who’s the real deal?

By asking them a ton of relevant questions until you’re fully satisfied.

We’ve prepared a very extensive segment of all the question that our clients frequently ask us.

Hopefully, they’ll answer some of your own questions as well as give you a solid picture of our widespread success over the years.

Today’s job market makes it essential to have a college or university degree. So if you want to be employable or are looking to land bigger promotion opportunities, you’ll need a degree that’s easily available. We offer affordable degrees that don’t require the usual years of class attendance or hundreds of dollars in tuition money.

Be warned, no one recognizes those so called life experience online degrees. Our degrees are fully accredited so you’re not at risk of breaking any laws.

We stand behind each and every one of our services. After all, you don’t become the best by not satisfying your clients.

Our offices can be found in London, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Remember, we are not a diploma mill that offers fake degrees; we do all the yard work to provide accredited, verifiable, and fully legal university degrees.

We usually give all answers to inquiries within 6-12 hours anytime of the day, all week long.

Our services are unaffiliated to any existing diploma mills.

All degrees are accredited and legal with over 500 majors for Master’s, bachelors, and even PhD degrees. Check our major page for more.

We are different

With over two decades of experience, we’ve always aimed to provide world class services with no complaints at all.

We’ve served thousands of degree seekers worldwide with degrees that are legally issued, registered, accredited and verified.

We also boast of professionally trained staff who work as professors, legal advisors and administrators within known colleges and universities.

From our brick and mortar company to a strong online presence, it’s easy to see why we’re second to none in this business.


We got your back

Based on our experience, people do care about certain things more than others.

Since we provide the product which does not have an alternative in today’s market.

We must make sure we do everything correctly.


We have a strict data wipe policy where we destroy all your information.

Usually we ship orders within 3 days however some majors takes more time.

We won’t keep any payment information including billing address.

We take payment via wire transfer, Western Union, as well as credit cards.

Flexibility and guarantee

We have such a great order form with a ton of features. One of them is the ability to indicate graduation year.

Worth mentioning that we can’t set graduation dates for the future.

We offer a strict money-back guarantee if goods are damaged.

For other great features, we urge you to check our order form. We are confident that you will find it easy and quick to use.

Our degrees and diplomas have the following security features; watermarks, embossing, holograms, passport printing, among others.

You can use our accredited, verifiable degrees to apply for any post.

You can get other items and documents later, but the fee still applies.

Bachelor’s degree: 4 years US Universities, 3 years UK universities

Master’s degree: 2 years US universities, 1-2 years UK universities

PhD degree: 4 years US universities, 3 years UK universities.

To protect our business and clients from an excess of degrees in the market, we limit the number of majors and degrees available to a reasonable amount.

No, we only provide university and college degree related services.

You can order your transcripts either directly from the university itself or from us.

No, life experience degrees won’t be mentioned in transcripts.

Degrees are legal

All our degrees can be certified and verified by a lawyer, notary, or government authorities.

Degrees will be legally registered, accredited, and visible on a background check.

Worth to mention that all our degrees comes from real physical universities. Degrees have never been blacklisted as a diploma mill.

simple & easy

How it works?

Place an order. Choose desired degree and extras around it.
2nd step
We email you back your tracking number with which you can track your package.
4th step
After you verify your degree and ensure that it is a real deal order is completed.
Place an order
We need to confirm your order and process it. It could take between 2-4 days.
3rd step
After you get your papers, you need to ensure that it is accredited.
Order completed

swipe to the right to see other steps.

Full of extras

You can order bunch of extra documents with your degrees.

You can also include student records, graduation letter, acceptance letter, reference letter, internship and appreciation letter as well as the university degree.

You can also order your dissertation, degree legalization, leather folder and graduation garments.

This is the process where judicial officials verify the authenticity of any document issued abroad. In short, it’s an extra layer of authentication to show credibility.

If you intend to use your degree in other non English speaking countries, you’ll need to have it legalized by the government first.

We have a team of lawyers in different countries ready to legalize your degree as well as other documents.

No single legal professional will risk their career or license to verify fake degrees. So if it gets verified by a legal expert, then you can rest easy knowing it’s real. Likewise, all notary legalizations are stamped with the contact and license numbers making it easier to cross check with government websites.

Yes, we also have notaries located in different regions who will look at your ID and credentials to legalize your documents.

Of course, we offer both Embassy and Apostille legalization so you can search and verify your documents on government websites.

Typically, it takes between 3 to 4 weeks for lawyer and government legalization, and another 3 weeks for embassy legalization depending on your country.

All our degrees have been legalized without any issues. If your experience is different, we will offer a money back guarantee.

Certainly. Any government agency or embassy can verify your degree by just cross checking your identity with your ID card.

A dissertation is a very crucial part of coursework that almost all students have to partake. The thesis presents your research and findings and is submitted in support of candidature for your academic degree. Having a dissertation will also prove a valuable tool to present during employment interviews since it shows you actually put some effort into your studies.

A dissertation is an academic publication written by you, the student and approved by the university committee. Bachelor ’s degrees require a 200 page publication while Masters and PhD degrees require 400 and 500 page thesis respectively. If you’ve already written your dissertation, we’ll bind it for you with your name, degree title, year of graduation, and thesis title all on the official university leather cover. Please note that you need two copies; one for you and one for the school database. If you don’t have a thesis, our professors will provide quick dissertation writing services.

We currently have two different categories of dissertation writing services. One is the PhD student thesis service that offers standard services by PhD students in your chosen field. The other is Professor or Expert thesis writing services which includes above average dissertation writing for majors like computer science, engineering and psychology.

Certainly – your thesis will be officially recorded in the university by being put in the schools database and library.

In addition to being signed off on by two or more university supervisors, your dissertation will be screened by university officials before being put in the library. Once in the database, you can search for the thesis online.

For binding alone, we take less than 40 days. But for everything including the writing, it takes anywhere between 60-90 days. We usually ship out your degree first and follow up later with a complete thesis.

No, all thesis and certain documents have to be ordered as part of the degree package. The thesis services are just an add-on courtesy to boost the credibility of our clients’ degrees.

And last but not least, to ensure the highest quality, we use top tier courier services such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS.

If you’re looking to get your package shipped to an address other than your billing address, we’ll need further verification.Usually, we only ship to the verified billing address on your credit card or payment information.

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