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The Best 2-Year Degrees to Get Online

The Best 2-Year Degrees to Get Online

Even though education is one of the people’s rights, not everyone can get it. There are several reasons why some individuals do not finish their studies. Some of the common reasons include financial incapacity and family problems. As a person experiencing financial struggles, know that there are various ways on how you can earn your degree. First, you have the option to choose a short-term degree compared to the four-year degrees. There are degrees that you can get in 2 years. The best thing about them is that you can obtain most of them through online education. Through modern technology, and with the help of accredited degree makers, you can now get a degree in a faster and more affordable way. If you are interested in this type of educational program, then read on to find out the best 2-year degrees that you can earn online.

Two Year Degrees: An Overview

In a conventional school setting, most universities offer 4-year degrees to undergraduates who want to specialize in their chosen field. In other words, you have to attend classes for at least four years to graduate and receive your diploma. Here in the United States, there are hundreds of prestigious universities that you can find. Many of their educational programs require at least four years. Whatever major you like, you have to spend a lot of time on the physical campus. It is because you are obliged to attend classes, submit requirements, and abide by the institution’s policies.

Luckily, there are certain degrees that you can take, whether on a physical campus or online. There are many benefits to choosing this compared to degrees that require you four years of study. Besides having a short time studying a course, you can also apply for high-paying jobs. That’s why you should not underestimate those students who chose this path since selecting the best 2-year degrees can help you land your dream job. Besides the mentioned benefits, you have more advantages to enjoy. Before you learn about them, it is essential to know the difference between two-year degrees vs. four-year degrees.

2 Year Degrees vs. 4 Year Degrees

2 Year Degrees vs. 4 Year DegreesThere are several distinct differences between 2-year degrees and 4-year degrees. Most people believe that the only difference they have is the length of time it takes undergraduates to complete the degree. But it is not the only thing that differentiates the two. Some dissimilarities include the career options, the course requirements, and the types of degrees awarded. Not only that, but the institution that may award these degrees varies depending on the program that you will consider.

To give you a better understanding, the degrees that you can get in 2 years commonly result in associate degrees. So if you are browsing your dream university’s website and you want to earn a degree in a faster way, you may refer to the site’s associate degree section. You can obtain the best two-year degrees in a few universities, in technical and vocational colleges, and even in qualified communities. On the other hand, a four-year degree is commonly awarded as a bachelor’s degree that most universities offer.

Here are the other things you need to know between the 2-year degrees and 4-year degrees:

Good 2 Year Degrees

1. Most community colleges use the term associate programs to refer to 2-year degrees.

The standard educational programs that you may take include Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science.

2. One of the best things about getting a two-year degree is you can take advantage of it when transferring to another university.

For instance, you have a dream course, but it is not offered in the community college near you. What you can do is to obtain an associate degree first. Since it is equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program, you can use your diploma and academic transcript to transfer to another university. If you earn an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science, you may enroll in your chosen university and earn credits from the associate degree you obtained. Some of the courses that you may consider when transferring include:

  • Communication
  • English composition
  • Ethnic studies
  • History and government
  • Humanities
  • Natural science
  • Social and behavioral science

3. An Associate of Applied Science is usually given to students who desire to work after earning the degree.

career with 2-year degreesAs mentioned earlier, some students are unable to finish a degree due to financial incapacity. The good news is that they may prefer a career with 2-year degrees. In other words, they can earn a degree and work after they receive their diploma. In this way, they have saved two-year worth of educational expenses. Since Associate of Arts and Associate of Science are for academic transfer programs, you may acquire an Associate of Applied Science if you wish to focus on your career.

Aside from the short span of education, you can also land a good career once you take an Associate of Applied Science. Some of the careers requiring a two-year degree include work opportunities from accounting, automotive technology, culinary arts, hospitality management, and office assistant.

Good 4 Year Degrees

1. The usual 4-year degree program that you take is a bachelor’s degree.

Many universities around the world are offering a bachelor’s degree. It is one of the usual requirements for entry-level positions in a company. If you want to land a high-paying job, you may also consider taking a master’s or doctorate after you obtained a bachelor’s degree. However, these degrees require more expense and time for study. When it comes to four-year degree programs, you may earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

So what is the difference between a BA and BS? A Bachelor of Arts program encompasses a broad course of study based on humanities. Besides, it also includes theoretical and general education for a particular major. Some of the BA courses include Communication, English, History, Philosophy, Sociology, and Theatre Arts.

On the other hand, a Bachelor of Science program refers to a field of study that focuses on a technicality. Similar to BA, students taking a BS will study general education for two years and then take significant courses for the remaining two years. Some of the majors include Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, and Microbiology.

2. Besides BA and BS, there are also specialized bachelor’s programs.

specialized bachelor’s programsIf you are a career-oriented type of person, you may want to pursue specialized bachelor’s programs that can help you prepare in your chosen field. Its difference from BA and BS is it has fewer general education courses. Some of the educational programs that you may take include Applied Science, Business Administration, Fine Arts, Journalism, and Social Work.

As someone interested in earning a degree, it is essential that you already know what course to take. You can base your decision on several factors, including your passion, education expense, courses, and even the length of study. Both 2-year and 4-year degrees can help you land your dream career. It is only a matter of preference when it comes to picking between the two. It is alright if you will choose an associate degree, especially if you are worried about the cost of education. Keep in mind that there are jobs you can get with a two-year degree.

Are Two-Year Degrees In Demand?

Some of you might ask, “Is it worth it to get a 2-year degree?” It is because one of the primary reasons why people go to school and earn a degree is to land a high-paying job. Since most companies only offer entry-level positions to bachelor’s degree holders, perhaps some of you are worried about getting a stable job in the future. The truth is, there are lots of jobs you can get with a 2-year degree. That’s why you should not underestimate this educational program.

“Are two-year degrees in demand?” The answer is yes. Many knowledge-seekers and working adults prefer associate degrees because they can work as soon as possible after graduation. The demand for these degrees makes more universities consider offering such programs. In the United States alone, many universities and community colleges are offering the best 2-year degrees that can help the students in honing their skills and other potentials. Since associate degrees don’t require general education courses, students can focus on their chosen field.

Jobs You Can Get With A Two-Year Degree

Jobs You Can Get With A Two-Year DegreeIf you are wondering what the available jobs that you can get when you obtain associate degrees are, then there’s a lot of careers that you may pursue. Searching on Google, what are the jobs you can get with a two-year degree can overwhelm you. To help you decide which one is the best for you, then here’s a list of the career opportunities once you take associate degrees:

1. Air Traffic Controller

Did you know that you can land a job that can give you a six-digit income without the need to have a bachelor’s degree? Yes, you heard it right. Although some individuals are bachelor degree holders, becoming an air traffic controller requires at least two-year degrees. To be one of the air traffic controllers in the United States, you have to attend the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative and acquire an associate degree. When considering this career opportunity, keep in mind that you also need to undergo medical and background checks since being an air traffic controller is a crucial job. In this position, you are responsible for keeping the safety and orderly of the expeditious flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system. This career will require you to take exams and courses at the Federal Aviation Administration academy.

2. Avionics Technician

If you wish to work in an airport and pursue a career in fixing and maintaining electronic equipment on planes, then consider being an avionics technician. Part of your duty is to test and repair electronics and aircraft. Keep in mind that you may be in an on-call duty, especially if you need to repair defects and interpret flight data.

3. Cardiovascular Technologist and Technician

Cardiovascular technologist and technicianAs a cardiovascular technologist and technician, you are responsible for using specialized medical equipment to take images of the heart and lungs. Some of the employers that need these workers are hospitals, outpatient care centers, physicians’ offices, and diagnostic laboratories.

4. Chemical Technician

If you are into science and technology, then one of the careers that you should consider is a chemical technician. You only have to acquire a two-year degree to be in this field. As a chemical technician, you have to work with chemists and chemical engineers. You will help your employer in terms of research and development. Part of the chemical technician’s duties is assisting laboratory experiments and collecting results that can be used to create new products. Chemical technologists usually work in chemical or pharmaceutical plants.

5. Computer Network Support Specialist

Are two-year degrees in demand? Yes, especially in works like computer network support specialists. Some employers who are recognized to employ the most people in this particular occupation include Florida, Illinois, Texas, and New York. The industries that hire computer network support specialists include computer systems design, data processing and hosting, finance and insurance, management of companies and enterprises, and telecommunications.

6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

The medical field needs many specialists who can run a piece of special equipment. One of these workers is a diagnostic medical sonographer. In this job, you need to train for two years to become an expert in using specialized medical equipment. You will be operating ultrasound machines that produce images of unborn babies. The ultrasound equipment helps expectant mothers to see the image of their child. Besides, the pictures can also be used to assist physicians in detecting and diagnosing medical problems.

7. Drafters

work in a myriad of industriesIf you want to work in a myriad of industries, then being a drafter should be one of your options. Its work includes converting design plants into technical drawings using software. As a drafter, you can specialize in architectural, electrical, or mechanical drafting. You may attend a community college or technical school to pursue this career.

8. Fire Inspector and Investigators

Part of the responsibility of a fire inspector and investigator is inspecting properties for compliance with government regulations when it comes to fire safety. There are also instances when you have to investigate the cause of a fire. You need to have a high school diploma to enter on-the-job training. Some experts in this field say that you have to work as a firefighter to get into the job. Besides, some employers may ask about different requirements. The common requirements are two-year or four-year degrees in chemistry, engineering, or fire science.

9. Funeral Service Workers

If you think this should not be an option, then you have to think twice because it is included in high paying 2-year degrees. It is the type of job that never goes out. Since deaths are recorded every day, there is a demand for funeral service workers. These people are paid well. If you like to work in this field, you have to get an associate degree in mortuary science or funeral service. There are also some states in the United States that require licensing requirements for the workers in this field.

10. Geological and Petroleum Technician

To be in this field, you have to earn an associate degree in Applied Science or any science-related technology. As a geological and petroleum technician, you have to work with engineers and scientists who are collecting and analyzing information on natural resources. These things can help them explore an area for mining.

11. MRI Technologist

careers requiring a two-year degreeMRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is a specialized medical equipment that helps medical professionals in diagnosing health issues. To become a specialist in using this medical equipment, you have to be trained in using the MRI scanner. Some of the top-paying employers for this career opportunity includes outpatient care centers, hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories. If you are considering careers requiring a two-year degree, then being an MRI technologist could be your best pick. You need to obtain an associate degree or take some specific courses in high school to land this high-paying job. Some of the subjects that you need to study in high school include anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology, and physics.

12. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technologists will spend most of their time in hospitals. Part of their job is to diagnose, treat, and monitor health conditions, including cancer. They do their work by utilizing radioactive drugs. Being a nuclear medicine technologist is one of the high paying two-year degrees. To pursue this career, you need to take an associate degree from an accredited program in nuclear medicine technology. Many universities across the United States offer such programs.

13. Occupational Therapy Assistant

Since every country has an aging population, it needs more occupational therapy assistants who will work with occupational therapists. They will assist older adults in performing exercises and therapists, which will help them improve their ability to perform daily tasks.

14. Paralegal and Legal Assistant

To work in the law industry, you have to get an associate degree in paralegal studies. Being a paralegal and legal assistant requires you to do a lot of work responsibilities for attorneys. Part of your work includes drafting and filing correspondence and court documents and research laws.

15. Physical Therapist Assistant

Some people believe that you need a doctoral degree to be a physical therapist assistant. But just like an occupational therapist assistant, you only need an associate degree to pursue a career in this industry. Some experts say that there is explosive job growth for physical therapist assistants. That’s why you may consider this if you are searching for the best jobs with a 2-year degree.

16. Radiation Therapists

Radiation TherapistsThe advancements in medical technology provide new high-tech equipment that will help in diagnosing and treating diseases. To operate these machineries, hospitals need specialists who will be responsible for running the machine. Among these workers, radiation therapists are responsible for administering radiation treatments for cancer and other diseases.

17. Radiologic Technologist

One of the best 2-year degrees includes radiologic technologists. They are also referred to as radiographers. They perform diagnostic imaging examinations, including taking X-rays of patients. Radiographers usually work in hospitals. Besides being a radiologic technologist, people in this industry can also become mammographers who utilize low-dose X-rays. These X-rays are diagnostic images of a patient’s breast tissue. This career also requires a license or a certification.

18. Respiratory Therapists

As a respiratory therapist, you have to measure the lung capacity of the patients, such as premature babies with underdeveloped lungs. Adults with emphysema and other respiratory diseases also benefit from this work. Part of your duty is to coordinate with physicians. It is because you have to create and implement a treatment plan. Although it is one of the careers requiring a 2-year degree, you need to get a state license before you can pursue this career.

19. Web Developer

If you are into computers, then you may consider taking a career in web development. It is one of the in-demand and high-paying jobs that you may pursue with a two-year degree. As a web developer, you will design websites and make sure that everything works properly on the site. Many people are doing this opportunity at home.

The best 2-year degrees can help you land your dream job. Having a bachelor’s degree is not the only avenue to having a good career since many associate degrees offer high-paying jobs. Although some careers require a license, most of the work opportunities mentioned earlier can provide you with five or six-digit income. You only have to pursue your passion or take a career path which you are most interested in. Besides, you have to consider the degree and educational program that you will receive since there are career opportunities that require a specific associate degree.

The Best 2 Year Degrees That You Can Acquire Online

2 Year Degrees That You Can Acquire OnlineAs someone seeking a stellar education, you might be thinking about the best degree to take. Even if you prefer an associate degree than a bachelor, picking the perfect degree could be challenging. Some of the factors that can help you decide what associate degree to obtain are skills, passion, and availability. For instance, you know what educational program you are going to pursue, but it is not available in the community college, then it’s time to consider another degree. If you are wondering about the jobs you can get with a two-year degree, then you may refer to the following list:

1. Business Administration

Business administration is one of the best 2-year degrees that you can acquire in a physical campus. With online schooling, you can earn this degree in as fast as 12 months. You can find an institution that offers programs that have start dates throughout the year. Most education providers can teach you how to network with businesses. If your family has a company, either big or small enterprise, getting an associate degree in business administration can help you in operation.

It is alright even if you don’t have any business since you can still help other companies strive in the competitive market. Besides, you can also apply the skills that you will learn once you take this degree. You will surely benefit from the courses that are usually included in the program. Some of these are accounting, bookkeeping, entrepreneurship, information system, and logistics, and management. You can utilize your learnings from studying these courses, especially if you want to start your own business.

2. Construction Project Management

If you like the work of architects and engineers, then you may consider a degree in construction project management. Part of your responsibility in this career is overseeing a construction project from start to finish. That’s why you will involve yourself in the details of planning and design, and other things related to construction. Some of the work positions that you can dream of with this degree are building inspector, construction manager, and trades supervisor.

3. Computer Information Systems or Information Technology

The computer science engineer is one of the highest-paid jobs in many countries. If you want this career opportunity, then you may take an associate degree in computer information systems or in information technology. There are many career opportunities that you may pursue with this degree. Some people consider it as one of the best 2-year degrees that will help you land your dream job. Some of the courses that you need to study business law, principles of accounting, programming in Java and C/C++, and systems analysis and design.

The best thing about taking this degree is that you can also enter the field of various industries, including digital marketing. Many businesses are considering this field since they can reach their target market through a myriad of social media platforms. Not only that, but businesses also need a reliable website that can provide information to target consumers. As someone who earned a degree in computer information systems or information technology, you can be a web programmer or designer. You can help many businesses to compete in the competitive market.

4. Criminal Justice

Studying criminal justice allows you to learn the philosophy and development of the criminal justice system in your country. Not only that, but you will also be adept in the criminal law. It is an ideal degree for those who are interested in pursuing a law enforcement career. With this associate degree, you will be able to work with law enforcement professionals. Also, you can apply the skills you have learned to real-world scenarios. Some students prefer associate degrees than earn a bachelor since they don’t want to spend much time in school. These people are the ones who want to work as soon as possible.

Besides associate degrees, there’s a faster way on how you can earn a degree in criminal justice. With the help of accredited degree makers, you can pursue this educational program in the comfort of your home. Since not all employees are strict when it comes to the type of degree, you can take this career in due time. It is because what employers usually look for a candidate is the skills needed in this occupation. If you have an educational background in corporate security, corrections, investigations, law enforcement, and probation, then you have a high chance of being hired.

5. Design Studies

two-year degree design studiesDesign studies are one of the jobs you can get with a two-year degree. It is ideal if you have an eye for design and details. With this degree, you can use your creativity to create unique and impressive designs for various industries. Studying design studies allow you to learn how to communicate effectively using visuals. To be in a high-paying position, you have to build a name in the industry. Start by creating your portfolio and showcase your skills through your own designs. There are many tools and applications that you can use for designing. Learning how to use them can help you advance in your career. Not only that, but you are also increasing your chance of getting hired, especially if you are only one of the few who knows how to use the application.

6. Early Childhood Education

If you love kids, then this degree could be your best pick. Earning this degree can make you a kindergarten teacher or even a childcare worker. It is one of the fastest degrees that you can take. Besides, it can also help you in your future career. For instance, you may want to use your associate degree to get a bachelor’s degree. Studying again can make you a licensed teacher. Not only that, but it will give you a heads up on the childhood education industry. Some of the things that you need to learn include child development, childhood education, classroom management, and teacher preparation.

7. Fire Science

As stated earlier in the list of in-demand jobs, a fire inspector position is included. Since you need the right skills to get hired, then you may consider studying an associate of applied science in fire science. It also allows you to work as a firefighter. In this career path, you have to study building codes and code inspection, defense planning, fire prevention, firefighter safety, firefighting strategy, and hazardous materials management.

8. General Education

If you are still undecided about what course to take, then you may get a degree in general education. It is a stepping stone if you want to earn a bachelor’s degree. Little do you know that it serves as a door to many opportunities that don’t need any specialization. Thus, you can tap as many industries as you like and work with as many types of professionals. With general education, you need to study several subjects such as business, economics, finance, human development, humanities, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, science, and sociology.

9. Human Resources

Every business needs a workforce; that’s why human resources is an essential degree. It is because hiring people is not an easy task. Besides, being a human resource personnel does not only hire people. They do many things for the company. To enter the HR field, you need a solid background in benefits administration, change management, employment law, and managing training employees. Even in the freelancing industry, HR personnel are in demand. Human resources is one of the best 2-year degrees that you may consider if you want to work in no time.

10. Health Information Technology

Health Information TechnologyThe medical field is a booming industry. Many health-related facilities are opening jobs that can benefit many graduates. You don’t need to study for four years to enter the health industry. Getting an associate degree in health information technology can help you land in the healthcare service. This degree includes disease classification, healthcare coding in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and medical billing and coding. Some universities will require you to study for 15 months, but through online education, you can obtain a degree in less than a year.

11. Occupational Studies Medical Assisting

Another degree that can help you enter the health industry is the associate in occupational studies medical assisting. You can complete this degree in 19 months. But with online education, you can finish it in less than a year. It is an ideal educational program if you see yourself working in the hospital, together with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Some of the work responsibilities include medical billing, medical records, phlebotomy, and vital signs. You don’t need to study for four years for this degree since there are available programs that can prepare you for life outside school.

12. Paralegal Studies

Working in a law firm doesn’t mean that you have to work for more than seven years. You can study an associate degree in paralegal studies to obtain a job in the legal system. When pursuing this degree online, you have to study programs that will give you enough training. Training is a vital part of the paralegal profession. An associate degree in paralegal studies usually requires 24 months to complete it. However, it could be lesser if you choose to get the degree online.

13. Psychology

If you are interested in studying human behavior, and you want to pursue a career in this field, then take an associate degree in Psychology. In this program, you will have a deeper understanding of why people think, feel, and act the way they do. Like bachelor’s degrees, you can also land entry-level positions when you obtain this degree. You will be able to work at mental health facilities as well as substance abuse and rehabilitation centers. Not only that, but this degree gives you an opportunity to study work in the criminal justice and legal system.

Since it is one of the best careers with a two-year degree, then some universities have limited offers for this. That’s why you have to enroll as soon as possible to get this degree. Some courses that you need to study include abnormal psychology, human development, human sexuality, introductory psychology, social psychology, and statistical methods.

14. Nursing

Besides health information technology, you can also get an associate degree in nursing. Both are high paying 2-year degrees. Many community colleges offer this program to help aspiring nurses and health professionals to enter the health industry. Although there are institutions that will ask you for a license or enough experience, there are still regionally-accredited schools that can provide you with a certified nursing degree. Fortunately, you can earn an associate degree in nursing online. It means you can make your dreams come true in the comfort of your home. In this way, you can balance your home responsibilities with your studies. Not only that, but you can also focus on your career without compromising your education.

15. Web Programming

If you want to focus on web programming among all the computer-related works, then try to earn a degree in web programming. In 1-2 years, you can work as a web programmer in your dream company or at the comfort of your home. When choosing an online degree maker, make sure that it is certified and accredited. As a web programmer, you have to learn CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and SQL databases. To get hired, you can create a portfolio to showcase your past work and other skills. It is highly recommended if you want to be in the freelancing industry.

When it comes to obtaining an education, for sure, you only want the best. However, factors like financial incapacity can hinder you from getting the degree you like. As an alternative, you may opt for associate degrees, which will only require you two years to finish a particular degree. When it comes to the best 2-year degrees, there are a lot of them. As someone who doesn’t know what to take, it could be overwhelming to choose a degree. You may decide based on your interests, passion, or something that can give you your ideal income. What matters most is for you to be happy in the career path that you will follow.

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